Justification of the quasi-optimum distribution of elementary queries in multiprocessor database

Technical cybernetics. Information technology. Computer facilities


Brekhov O. M.1*, Than H. M.2**

1. ,
2. Defence services academy, Pyin OO Lwin, Republic of the Union of Myanmar

*e-mail: obrekhov@mail.ru
**e-mail: hlaing82@gmail.com


Criterion for the distribution of elementary queries to processors naturally defined as receiving a minimum processing time of queries when all the processors would have completed its work at the same time , while , of course, necessary to keep the order of processing of elementary queries on each processor in accordance with the terms of [1,2].
We can apply the natural distribution of elementary queries to processors in accordance with the rule, when the i-th (i = 1 , ..., r) processor receives elementary queries with numbers i, r + i, 2r + i, 3r + i, 4r + i, 5r + i, 6r + i, ...
In [3] we proposed quasi-optimal distribution method , when the i-th (i = 1 , ..., r) processor receives elementary queries with numbers i, 2r +1 — i, 2r + i, 4r +— i, 4r + i, 6r +1 — i, 6r + i, ...
This article provides an evaluation of the effectiveness of quasi-optimal distribution method in a multiprocessor database.
We have received query execution time in a multiprocessor database for natural and quasi-optimal order of their distribution; minimum and maximum limits of time for performing queries in separate processors for natural and quasi-optimal order of distribution of elementary queries; proof of the effectiveness of the quasi-optimal distribution based on the absolute and relative decrease queries execution borders using the quasi-optimal instead of a natural distribution.
We have received a number of numerical results for execution time of the query consisting of a conjunction of elementary queries. These results confirmed the effectiveness of the quasi- optimal distribution.


database, multiprocessor computer, queries, distribution of elementary queries, optimization


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