Synthesized vision system model developing for perspective civil aircraft


Dyachenko S. A.




Following the increase of safety requirements for flights of modern aircrafts and significant growth of their avionics functionality a relevant task is the development and implementation in civil avionics systems a number of additional systems which could provide situational awareness of crew of rather cockpit external situation and reducing probability of a human mistake to a minimum in case of a catastrophic situation.

The technical vision systems (TVS) provide the crew with necessary information of the aircraft orientation and cockpit external situation in the visualized form convenient for the human.

Among the existing types of aviation class TVS (from the view point of integration into avionics structure) the synthetic vision system (SVS) is the most preferable due to the absence of the need to install any additional equipment on the aircraft.

SVS is the hardware and software solution based on onboard computers and flight indicators providing the real-time three-dimensional view of a cockpit external situation.

The purpose of this work consists in developing the SVS model with application according to the concept of the integrated modular avionics (IMA) for the future civil aircraft of transport category.

The following results of the SSV developing and modeling of are presented in this article:

– analysis of the existing types of aviation TVS;

– analysis of the corresponding standards requirements for development of the civil aircraft equipment imposed to SVS;

– the new SVS architecture with application of the IMA concept;

– the proposed SVS hardware structure;

– the program and algorithmic of the SVS to synthesize 3D images of the land surface topographical sites with high degree of informational content;

– the results of the proposed SVS testing, which proved its suitability for the designated tasks.

The developed SVS prototype complies with the basic documents for the development of modern civil aircrafts.

Assessment of the computing time of the developed algorithms based on series of tests with various examples of the land surface confirmed the validity of the DO-315 requirements in the part of frequency updating.


synthetic vision system, aircraft, 3D-simulation, crew situational awareness, human-machine interface


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