Analysis of the influence of static and dynamic asymmetry on the rotational movement of the capsule for controlled deployment of the tether system

Space technics and technology


Naumov, O. N.


The paper analyzes the spatial motion of the deployed tether system consisting of a base spacecraft and the landing capsule.The problem is considered taking into account the rotation of the end-bodies about their centers of mass. Capsule and the spacecraft is considered as rigid bodies, carrying out the angular motion under the action of the force of elasticity of the tether. The tether is attached to the capsule is not strictly on the axis of dynamical symmetry, and with some small shift, which determines the static asymmetry of the capsule. Tensor inertia of the capsule is different from a dynamically symmetric, with small deviations of the data is characterized by its dynamic asymmetry. Tether is deployed to a predetermined law.


Landing capsule, asymmetry, space tether, rotational motion, tether system of coordinates.

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