Intensification of nitriding processes for the aircraft details

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Belashova I. S.*, Shashkov A. O.

Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University (MADI), MADI, 64, Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow, 125319, Russia



For nitrated details of aviation technics, such as sheet details of a covering and an internal power set, details of fixture, etc. the new method low temperature nitriding – in conditions of thermo-gas cycles consisting in periodic alternation of cycles of saturation and resorption the nitrated layer is developed at the greatest possible decrease in sating ability of atmosphere. The offered new method of thermo-gas cycles nitriding is effective, new technology of hardening of modern details of the space technics allowing to 10 times to reduce the expense of sating gas and emissions in atmosphere, in 4-6,5 times - process time, and also to increase a thickness of a diffusive layer in 2-6 times without decrease in its physicomechanical characteristics. The new technological parameter – duration of the half-cycles is offered, allowing simply from the point of view of realization and effectively to regulate phase structure and a structure of a layer for the purpose of reception of demanded physicomechanical characteristics of strengthened details. Keywords: nitriding; thermo-gas cycles; duration of half-cycles; saturation; resorption (denitriding)


nitriding; thermo-gas cycles; duration of the half-cycles; saturation; denitriding;

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