Translation of American Aviation Realia into Russian (Culturological Aspect)

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Korotaeva I. E.




The article is devoted to the problems of translation of culture-loaded lexical units of American English included in the Aviation Group. Translation is a culturological phenomenon and a means of cross-cultural communication. The problem of interaction between language and culture is very important for modern linguistics. Language is a particular system of words used by a people or nation. Culture consists of the ideas, customs, and art that are produced or shared by a particular society. The term «culture» embraces the entire way of life of members of a community insofar as it is conditioned by that membership. Cultures are chiefly transmitted through languages.
The aims of this research are: to analyze American realia of air transportation system; to single out aviation culture-specific vocabulary; to investigate the ways of translation of these lexical units into Russian. The importance of air transportation for the USA is connected with geography of the country, with its vast territory. When the airplane became a major factor in mass transportation the term "the second great American revolution in transportation"appeared.
Particular attention is given to the classification of the culture-loaded lexical units. Most widely used translation techniques of translation of aviation realia are compared: transcription, transliteration, calque, descriptive translation. The paper offers a linguistic-cultural description of the words with no direct equivalents in other languages.
We must conclude that analysis of linguistic and cultural problems of translation of culture-loaded words in the air transportation group in American English helps to complete the picture of American culture for the Russian students or readers of English and to explain the meaning and connotations of lexical units.


culture-loaded words, language and culture, classification of American culture-loaded lexical units, translation techniques


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