Methodical aspects of teaching professional aviation terminology

Methods and tutorials


Chuksina O. V., Janovskaya G. S.


The article deals with the problem of teaching lexical competence and terminology at the Aviation University. The ultimate goal of the foreign language course in non-linguistic universities is the development of intercultural communicative competence. Professionally oriented new standards are not provided with textbooks and teaching aids, which would be fully consistent with the aims and objectives of learning a foreign language in aviation universities. Professional aviation terminology is studied while improving lexical skills of the linguistic competence, i.e. the ability to adequately and correctly use and understand speech patterns based on the knowledge of phonological, grammatical, lexical, stylistic features of the target language (in comparison with the native language).

The topics for the English lessons are selected according to the major specialty courses of the university, for example, the history of flights, the outstanding people in the aviation and space, the basic concepts in the field of aviation. Experience shows, some special aviation terminology is acquired in the English lessons during the first year of studying in the University. To select the minimum terminology comparative analysis of bilingual and monolingual aviation dictionaries with General vocabulary dictionaries is required. The main method of term formation is considered to be syntactic, i.e. formation of terms in a chain. For example, multicomponent combinations predominate in English technical terminology and they cause difficulties in translation.

The typology of lexical exercises to overcome these difficulties includes the following ones: continue the word family table; match each of the expressions on the left with their explanation from the list on the right; fill in the word family table; make the diagram of the text using the key words from the text. For the exercises to be effective they should be designed to blend with the terms studied during the earlier lessons.


Aviation English, aviation terminology, lexical skills, exercises


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