A fragment of the dynamics of an aerodrome tractor with massive towed objects

DOI: 10.34759/trd-2022-127-03


Popov I. P.

Kurgan State University, 63/4, Sovetskaya str., Kurgan, 640020, Russia

e-mail: ip.popow@yandex.ru


It is noted that the most difficult stage in the operation of an airfield tractor with massive towed objects is the starting mode. This is due to the need to overcome the static friction force, which significantly exceeds the motion friction force. As a solution to this problem, we can consider the use of the initial kinetic energy of the tractor, which can develop when using limited elastically deformable traction coupling devices. To optimize the mathematical model, the following assumptions are made: traction force F on the hook of the tractor is a constant value; the inertial masses of the tractor and towed objects are the same and equal m. To evaluate the effectiveness of the use of elastically deformable traction coupling devices, the obtained results are compared with similar results corresponding to an absolutely rigid traction coupling device. The use of elastically deformable traction coupling devices makes it possible to accumulate the initial kinetic energy of an airfield tractor, which makes it possible to overcome the static friction force and ensure the starting of heavy towed objects. Comparison of the kinematic and dynamic parameters of the tractor with towed objects for options with absolutely rigid and resiliently deformable traction coupling devices shows that the efficiency of using the latter increases with an increase in the number of towed objects. Elastically deformable towing devices can cause oscillations of the tractor-towed objects system. To prevent them, the towing devices must be hard blocked at the moment they reach the greatest deformation.


towing, friction, energy, drawbar, stiffness, blocking, movement, speed, acceleration


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